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Re: Plan B for kfreebsd

Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
We discussed kfreebsd at length, but are not satisfied that a
release with Jessie will be of sufficient quality. We are dropping
it as an official release architecture,


I think we could support the kfreebsd core packages for an unofficial
stable release, but we'd presumably need to build and distribute,
security and stable updates for the rest of the archive.  It's not
clear yet how much infrastructure we can keep or must replace.

[...] though we do hope that the
porters will be able to make a simultaneous unofficial release.

It is unclear, what we have to duplicate. Do we stay in testing ?
Will be there a repository copy in time of official stable release ?

In the old days, we used to have "unreleased" suite on debian-ports,
it augmented sid whenever we needed a different version of a package.

We might revive something similar again.


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