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greetings kfreebsd list!

Hello everyone

I am new to the list and to kFreeBSD, but I am long time Debian user,
Debian sysadm for various private and cloud servers, and sincere
Debian lover.
I know kFreeBSD since many years, but I only tried the Ging live cd years ago.
In the last days I gained more and more interest in kFreeBSD, since
someone says that it is in bad shape and the risk is that it will be
On the other hand, Linux they say is in good shape... I don't think so.
Given the current state of Linux ecosystem, I feel that a kFreeBSD
based Debian is a plan-b for everything.

I tried kFreeBSD x86_64, both Wheezy and Jessie (weekly iso) on
virtual machines and on real hardware.
I have to say that kFreeBSD seems to me in very good shape, fully
working, installed smoothly on real hardware like on VMs.
Jessie is really in better shape, since has Iceweasel, LibreOffice,
JDK and much more software.
I put it as first and only OS on my work desktop (where I do all my
daytime office routines, but not development)

On IRC channel, Christopher told that current bugs are listed here
Is this the list of all the bugs that kFreeBSD has right now?
I will start to make some troubleshooting with non building packages.
I have some experience in installing from alien sources and packaging
in debian way, so I'd like to try.

If you have some advice, I'll be glad to read on list or private email.
Thank you
Best regards

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