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Re: Plan B for kfreebsd

Hi everyone,

I'd really like to hear others' thoughts on my ideas in this thread.
This can only happen with many people working together, so I need to
know which ideas from my brainstorming seem outlandish/crazy, which
are appealing, and who'd like to be involved.

Among users and potential contributors, what sounds good?  On a scale
of 0 (= no interest) through 9 (= would like to have / help with):

  [ ] making any kind of unofficial kfreebsd release at all
  [ ] trying to support it like a stable release alongside Debian jessie
  [ ] trying to support it as a long-term stable release
  [ ] releasing sooner than official Debian (e.g. within in 1-3 months)
  [ ] releasing more often than official Debian (shorter cycle)
  [ ] having an unofficial rolling release alongside Debian testing
  [ ] having a supplemental repository for unofficial/patched packages

Please throw in more ideas too;  still enumerating at this stage,
we'll worry about resources later.

Steven Chamberlain

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