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Re: Keymaps in virtual consoles.

Hello all,

fredag den 13 september 2013 klockan 23:38 skrev Steven Chamberlain detta:
> On 13/09/13 22:20, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> There is a visible effect of changing layout (like german.iso changes to
> qwertz layout, fr.iso to azerty, and swedish.iso
> There's some visible effect (like loading german.iso enables a qwertz
> layout) but mostly characters render the same (swedish.iso).
> swedish.iso enables the key right of P as 0xe5, the keys right of L as
> 0xf6 and 0xe4 - these seem to be the correct ASCII codes but none of
> those are rendered.  If you type these into xxd, the cursor doesn't even
> move, but pressing ^D ^D you can see that something was typed.

I stumbled on an interesting phenomenon by a simple

  $ date

In Swedish, Monday needs "aring", i.e., "0xe5" in Latin1,
and "0xc3 0xa5" with UTF-8, while Saturday and Sunday
need "odiareses", i.e., "0xf6" and "0xc3 0xb6", respecively.

Now, in a console with ISO-8859-15, neither vowel is rendered,
while with UTF-8, they are rendered, but incorrectly. In fact,
all of "aring", "Aring", "adiareses", "Adiareses", "odiareses",
and "Odiareses" are rendered identically as a capital A with
an acute accent on top, which makes no sense in Swedish.

These observations hold on Wheeze, so some fonts are clearly
broken there.

Best regards,
  Mats E Andersson, DM

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