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Re: debug package for kfreebsd-10?

Is it allowed and viable to enable debugging only for uploads going to
experimental?  And disable for everything else.

As per Policy? It should be. Experimental uploads are not intended for
a release, it's no big deal if they don't comply.

I'm still concerned about the heisenbug problem.
Do you think we can live with this? It would mean bugs appear
precisely the first time you upload to unstable.

In early stage of HEAD, we could ship kernel with enabled debugging
in experimental. Later on (during beta) we will disable debugging
and still ship in experimental.
And after that 1st upload into unstable should come.

I.e. only some uploads into experimental can have debugging enabled.
Technical implementation is one entry in debian series.
Normally it would be commented out,
for debugging enabled it should be applied.
It should work even for unstable uploads.
To get full debugger inside, it would suffice to drop one "#"
in series and rebuild package.


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