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Re: debug package for kfreebsd-10?

2013/6/23 Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>:
> In early stage of HEAD, we could ship kernel with enabled debugging
> in experimental. Later on (during beta) we will disable debugging
> and still ship in experimental.
> And after that 1st upload into unstable should come.
> I.e. only some uploads into experimental can have debugging enabled.
> Technical implementation is one entry in debian series.
> Normally it would be commented out,
> for debugging enabled it should be applied.
> It should work even for unstable uploads.
> To get full debugger inside, it would suffice to drop one "#"
> in series and rebuild package.

Ok. I made this a bit simpler (and easier to update), see:

  * Simplify handling of debug mode. To enable/disable debug options,
    just edit sys/conf/DEBIAN in 999_config.diff and comment/uncomment
    the appropiate line.

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