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Re: Dropping kfreebsd-8?


Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> writes:
> On 16/06/13 19:57, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
>> Wheezy has both kfreebsd-8 and kfreebsd-9. Shouldn't kfreebsd-8 be dropped now?
> I've been wondering about this too.
> Upstream released 8.4 this month.  It has some new features not present
> in 9.1, but it is already being called a 'legacy release'.  Its official
> EOL should be in about 2 years.  That doesn't seem a good candidate for
> Jessie.  I'm not sure if someone might have use for an 8.4 package in
> the meantime?

I guess there's going to be a 9.2 with the missing stuff soon(ish)? If
so the extra features probably aren't worth the trouble (and we still
would need 8.4 uploads next to working 9.{2,3} uploads).

> I suppose we might see a kfreebsd-10 release candidate in a few months.
>  Some are eager to try snapshots already which are occasionally uploaded
> to experimental.  We could have choices of a kfreebsd-9 and kfreebsd-10
> for Jessie release.

Iff it's possible to have the close userland working enough with both
kernels this should be possible. Though in my experience wheezy with
kfreebsd-8 already had quite some limitations.


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