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Re: Dropping kfreebsd-8?


On 16/06/13 19:57, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> Wheezy has both kfreebsd-8 and kfreebsd-9. Shouldn't kfreebsd-8 be dropped now?

I've been wondering about this too.

Upstream released 8.4 this month.  It has some new features not present
in 9.1, but it is already being called a 'legacy release'.  Its official
EOL should be in about 2 years.  That doesn't seem a good candidate for
Jessie.  I'm not sure if someone might have use for an 8.4 package in
the meantime?

I'm glad we released Wheezy with two kernels because it has helped a few
times to narrow down regressions between kernel series or in
GNU/kFreeBSD userland.  I also found some flaky hardware which seems
only able to boot kfreebsd-8.

I suppose we might see a kfreebsd-10 release candidate in a few months.
 Some are eager to try snapshots already which are occasionally uploaded
to experimental.  We could have choices of a kfreebsd-9 and kfreebsd-10
for Jessie release.

Steven Chamberlain

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