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Re: Gnome installability vs. GNU/kFreeBSD

On 09/04/13 19:15, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> I just did (in kvm/qemu) and the result isn't great (for Gnome):

Thank you very much for testing.

> - gdm3 … doesn't finish loading. It fullscreen-says "Oops, an error occured".

Confirmed:  gdm3 shows the 'fail whale' modal dialog;  at least the
clock and power-off button are visible, but it is not possible to click

> - lightdm + "Gnome": same.
> - lightdm + "Gnome classic": same.

Not really the same situation as gdm3, but the same uninformative 'fail
whale' modal dialog is shown.  But in fact, behind it is a seemingly
functional window manager and panel with menus...

I was able to manually start those things, by using 'xinit', from which
I could launch the basic GNOME apps (terminal, calculator, file manager,
settings page, telepathy) as I've just explained here (with screenshot) :


Steven Chamberlain

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