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Gnome installability vs. GNU/kFreeBSD (was: "tasksel arch any" vs. "keeping track of n-m in debian-cd"?)

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (09/04/2013):
> Then I think I'd rather ask you to keep doing so for wheezy's
> lifetime, than trying to fiddle with tasksel at this very late point
> of the freeze.

To clarify as I did on IRC:
 1. I thought both the addition of iw and network-manager-gnome as
    Depends or Recommends in tasksel was depending on that "arch: all"
    vs. "arch: any" discussion.
 2. However, the current tasksel package in wheezy and sid already
    implements the Depends: on network-manager-gnome, for all archs.

Since we just agreed with Steve to keep the NM-related dependencies on
the debian-cd side (iw was already taken care of in src:netcfg), we
could think of uploading tasksel with just that network-manager-gnome
dependency dropped, which would fix installability issues on kfreebsd-*.

I'm not exactly sure how well Gnome is supported on GNU/kFreeBSD
anyway, so that might not be a huge practical issue. But if -bsd@
people want that fixed, they can still chime in *right now*, so that
we can patch tasksel while src:debian-installer is getting built,
before we prepare d-i wheezy rc2 images.


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