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Re: Gnome installability vs. GNU/kFreeBSD

Le mardi, 9 avril 2013 19.29:23, Steven Chamberlain a écrit :
> During wheezy development, GNOME 3 was so broken for us that xfce was
> chosen as a default for new installs.  Multiple show-stopper issues got
> fixed during the freeze though.  At this point I believe it 'should
> work' but so few people have probably tried a full GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy
> GNOME desktop yet, and neither have I...

I just did (in kvm/qemu) and the result isn't great (for Gnome):

- lightdm + xfce "just works" for what I could test.
- gdm3 … doesn't finish loading. It fullscreen-says "Oops, an error occured".
- lightdm + "Gnome": same.
- lightdm + "Gnome classic": same.

I can provide logs and file bugs if it helps.


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