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Re: Bug#704748: Not a practical issue (could even be considered a feature...:-))

On 14/04/13 11:03, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> According to the thread that follows
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2013/04/msg00004.html, Gnome is
> too broken on kFreeBSD to be considered useful.

"Oops, an error occurred" is known as the GNOME 'fail whale'.  It could
happen also on GNU/Linux for such a trivial reasons as CUPS not running.

I wouldn't assume *yet* that GNOME is completely useless on kFreeBSD
specifically.  Otherwise I'm pretty sure we want to fix this, rather
than leave it uninstallable.

> [...] because nobody apparently is installing Gnome on the
> kFreeBSD port..:-)

Nobody has a choice currently :P

And there would likely be some kFreeBSD GNOME users upgrading from
squeeze to wheezy...

Steven Chamberlain

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