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Re: howto boot+preseed kfreebsd in qemu

Hi Steven,


sorry, was busy with other stuff...


On Samstag, 9. Februar 2013, Steven Chamberlain wrote:

> You'd need to get past the GRUB menu firstly; it's configured never to

> time out. Can Jenkins send keystrokes? (e.g. cursor down, enter)


yes, I could do this with jenkins (with xdotool)

but I do have to, after having looked at my options, I think I want to go for testing isos first, simply because I test other Debian installations from isos too. (And there's a iso for every type of d-i test I do, but not a netboot.tar.gz...)


For that I will still have to patch the grub.cfg.


> > can you show me how to do this? :-)

> Well, I've managed it before by patching debian-installer.git's

> build/boot/kfreebsd/grub-kfreebsd-cdrom.cfg file and rebuilding, but

> maybe that's cheating? Otherwise some kind of loop mount and patching

> grub.cfg in the ISO. (With the same changes as my previous patch).


I'd like to mount the iso file, copy the files somewhere, patch them and mount from that "cd", I just don't know how to do this... basically my question is: how do I tell qemu to launch grub with that cfg?








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