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Re: howto boot+preseed kfreebsd in qemu (was Re: netcfg: installation on kfreebsd maybe broken?

On 09/02/13 14:53, Holger Levsen wrote:
> nice. though I'd actually prefer to boot the mini.iso unmodified and
> still get pre-seeding, is that somehow possible?

Actually I see this as a really convenient feature of the GRUB-based
netinst images.  It's very easy to add preseed and other options to the

Another useful tweak is:
<	kfreebsd $prefix/kfreebsd-9.gz
>	kfreebsd $prefix/kfreebsd-9.gz -D

to have kernel output copied to serial (so that with qemu -serial stdio
this can all be logged).  This includes segfaults, memory exhaustion or
d-i's root ramdisk filling up, with the responsible pid + process name.

Steven Chamberlain

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