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Re: Bug#698909: installation-reports: successful install in GNOME Boxes using kFreeBSD

On 25/01/13 19:47, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> On 25/01/13 07:05, Paul Wise wrote:
>> When I manually entered http.debian.net, it decided that the mirror was
>> bad and forced me to enter another mirror. The installer logs indicate
>> it couldn't find Suite|Codename in the Release file, trying the wget
>> command it used manually worked fine though.
> This sounds familiar.  I though maybe http.d.n offers mirrors sometimes
> that don't carry wheezy/sid suites for GNU/kFreeBSD.

I tried this today and it's working[0], so I've no way to reproduce the
problem.  It could have been to do with connectivity, a temporary issue
with http.d.n or one of the mirrors in its pool...

[0] (Although http.d.n seems to be running kinda slow at the moment).

Steven Chamberlain

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