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Re: Bug#698909: installation-reports: successful install in GNOME Boxes using kFreeBSD

On Fri, 2013-01-25 at 19:47 +0000, Steven Chamberlain wrote:

> Not a problem...  I've had a read through and we can follow up on some
> things in separate bug reports.

Ok great.

> Yes, harmless.  Should be able to silence it by picking out just the
> relevant bit from Jeff Epler's patch here:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=693510#55

Great, it was a bit scary since I never installed kFreeBSD before.

> Oh.  Didn't even know that existed.  Do you know where specifically it's
> implemented in code?

I don't think it exists at all yet. Implementing it would require udebs
for all the GeoIP related packages and a Debian-hosted service to
provide public IP address information to the installer for folks without
a public IP address.

> Is this any different from GNU/Linux?  AFAIK neither of those are
> intended to be defaults yet, as they're 'unofficial' *.d.n services.
> See also #697488...

I haven't used GNU/Linux d-i since DebConf8 but I guess it is the same.
Despite being unofficial services, I have been using both. First cdn.d.n
and then http.d.n. http.d.n had some issues due to apt bug #616064, The
apt bug is still open but Raphael added mirror checking code that drops
mirrors automatically when they are problematic wrt #616064. I think it
is well past time they became official services. Especially the mirror
checking code on http.d.n should be replacing the existing mirror
checking code.

> This sounds familiar.  I though maybe http.d.n offers mirrors sometimes
> that don't carry wheezy/sid suites for GNU/kFreeBSD.

The command was downloading a Release file and grepping it for Suite|
Codename and comparing that to wheezy. That doesn't involve GNU/kFreeBSD
specific files at all. The Release files are per-suite so unless the
mirror chose a mirror without wheezy everything should be fine. I
thought http.d.n knew about Release files and suites and stuff so I'm a
bit surprised this is possible.

> Ahhh this is really cool.  I was already in the middle of making
> something to capture and summarise this kind of thing, from syslog
> during test installs.

I just manually inspected the report and copied them out. 

> These are all used by the installation-report report-hw script, so not
> really installer bugs:

I guess you will file bugs in the appropriate places?

> The stripped-down /etc/group in d-i doesn't have operator.  We could
> maybe ask for it to be added (in rootskel).

Sounds like a good idea.

> Were you able to check you had working display+mouse+keyboard in Xorg?

It definitely worked, I was using the graphical installer at this point.

> That's worrying.  It should be a supported flag.

I guess that is limitation with the device qemu/kvm emulated?



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