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Re: Bug#695500: debian-installer-7.0-netboot-kfreebsd-amd64: does not boot from pxe

Hi Michael,

Michael Tsang <miklcct@gmail.com> (09/12/2012):
> I cannot boot the installer from pxe. GRUB says prefix is not set
> and dies. It seems to be a configuration bug.

I see now that the "prefix is not set" message appears very quickly,
before GRUB switches into graphical mode.  It seems harmless, because at
the GRUB command line the prefix is correctly set.

My guess is that the machine booting via PXE was unable to show the GRUB
menu properly.  For example, if some kind of console redirection was
being used.

This can be worked around by simply removing this file from the TFTP server:


And GRUB should fall back to text mode.

Steven Chamberlain

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