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Re: libgeom: may cause segfault of grub-probe


I agree that libbsd and freebsd-glue seem to conflict with each other,
but neither one of them by itself has everything needed for freebsd-libs.

So Jeff's patch is the least intrusive way to fix this, and that's what
we have to go with at this late stage.  It fixes a bug we're seeing now
and is unlikely to introduce more...

I can provide a similar patch for freebsd-utils which has the same
issues, but the only problem I could confirm yet was a segfault in
ifconfig bridge configuration (#696514) due to it.

I propose adding the -Werror part of the patch into Wheezy as well.  If
it does trigger a FTBFS, it's because we missed something, or something
wrong with the build environment that we need to know about.  We might
need to drop it someday for a new upstream release but hopefully not.

Steven Chamberlain

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