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Re: suggested fix

On 21/06/12 08:57, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> 3.) You seem to see it fit to willfully cause an FTBS on Hurd, to make a
> point.

To willfully allow an existing FTBFS on GNU/Hurd, to become a more
explanatory FTBFS, which would someday go away and keep the intended
functionality once the cause had been resolved in its build-deps.

> So I have raised a bug: #678358 to address the underlying issue.

Yes that was the nice thing to do here, thanks.

> * use #if defined(AF_LINK) && !defined(__GNU__) in  both places as that
> is as close to a feature check as we can get

I'm fine with that, as it would be consistent, and it addresses the most
important point which was the original test for (k)FreeBSD being too

Steven Chamberlain

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