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Re: suggested fix

On 20/06/12 22:50, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> You still didn't address that in your reply.

	You seem to have three issues:

1.) feature based tests rather than platform based tests.
I totally get the desirability of this. It means new OS 's or
improvements to OS's get picked up automatically. My issue was that this
does not work in *this* case. Furthermore I was ignorant of certain
specifics - which is why I was widely circulating the NMU - and so
improperly cautious.
2.) a proper audit trail and making Hurd accountable for the actual issue
Again I totally get this.
3.) You seem to see it fit to willfully cause an FTBS on Hurd, to make a
I don't get that. Any point you might make would be lost in all the
other Hurd FTBS's. Surely it is much better to do something positive.

So I have raised a bug: #678358 to address the underlying issue.
I will clone this bug to a follow up bug blocked by #678358.
I will check the source code of the other packages that I am aware might
have this issue and do the same if I find anything.
I will not delay any more with this NMU and my proposed patch will

* use #if defined(AF_LINK) && !defined(__GNU__) in  both places as that
is as close to a feature check as we can get
* Have a comment explaining the issues in both the code and the patch

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