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Re: suggested fix

On 20/06/12 11:56, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> I have a proposed  fix as attached. It's built, signed and ready to go.
> If you have intentions to fix it yourself please reply and do so
> promptly. I'll run my fix past a few people for feedback but after that
> I'll upload with a 2-day delay.

Thanks for this.  It looks okay and seems it would fix the FTBFS.

However... I'm wondering if a more generic test could be used instead of
FreeBSD || FreeBSD_kernel.  Other BSD's would need this header too for
the sockaddr_dl definition[1].  And it looks like GNU/Hurd was failing
on this same code so it possibly has (or should have) the same.

[1] http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/trackident?v=FREEBSD9;i=sockaddr_dl

What about using AF_LINK as a test of whether to include this header?
It looks to me like it would work.

This way we'd be helping out GNU/Hurd at the same time, the fix would be
more appropriate for upstream and it helps with future portability.

Thanks again,
Steven Chamberlain

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