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Re: Please upgrade eglibc and give back ruby1.8

On 04/06/12 17:38, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Could have worked with a dep-wait anyway. However everything mentioned
> above should now be building, let's wait for results.

Oh, I'll try to remember that for next time we have anything like this.

Some of these failed, but for different reasons than before;  there was
some kind of ruby transition yesterday which has introduced new issues.

It seems new eglibc fixed the issue seen in the Python waf build system
on kfreebsd-i386, so could you please also give back on that arch:

* ns3
* clinica
(have tested these with a successful local build)

And one more ruby library I missed (seems able to build now despite the
current turmoil):

* ruby-gherkin


Steven Chamberlain

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