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Re: OpenJDK-7 on kFreeBSD (feedback)

On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 03:41:56PM +0300, Georgi Naplatanov wrote:
> I have tried to run dpkg-buildpackage manually inside chroot
> environment (with schroot-1.4.22-1~bpo60+1) and build failed.
> Can that version of schroot be a problem ?
> Is there a debian repository for newer version of schroot package
> for squeeze ?

There's 1.5.2-1 in experimental.  It should just rebuild for

I would not expect the schroot version to be a problem though.
schroot is after all just a fancy wrapper around chroot(8).
If schroot is causing problems, it's likely to be in the
process environment or in the chroot environment (mounted
filesystems etc.).  While different versions of schroot might
have slightly different defaults, none of the changes should
result in build failures.

You could try running schroot with "-p" to use the environment
in your session, rather than a clean one.  This would help see
if it's a process environment issue.

You could try running with chroot(8) directly as root, and
eliminate schroot entirely.  This wouldn't set up any
filesystem mounts or do any other setup.


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