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Call for testers: glibc built with kfreebsd-kernel-headers from experimental

2012/5/6 Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org>:
>> The gcc definitely uses internally some hashes, which under even slightly
>> different source files would be different. The simple inclussion of
>> additional definition at least changes line numbers in preprocessed source
>> and sequence number of a defined type.
> It's a relief to hear this.  Just to be sure, I'll prepare a pair of
> builds and make a call for testers before uploading it to unstable.

I've uploaded eglibc packages built using latest
kfreebsd-kernel-headers from experimental:


It'd help if everyone reading this tested them for a few days.  If
after a week or so nobody reports problems, I'll upload the new
kfreebsd-kernel-headers to unstable.


Robert Millan

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