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Re: svn commit: r234684 - head/lib/libusb

On Thursday 26 April 2012 19:54:00 Robert Millan wrote:
> El 25 d’abril de 2012 23:20, Hans Petter Selasky
> <hans.petter.selasky@bitfrost.no> ha escrit:
> > Isn't libusb2debian a binary compatible drop-in replacement for
> > applications which are compiled with the linux libusb.
> By linux libusb do you mean the one from http://www.libusb.org/ ?
> AFAIK this one is a portable library, at least it builds on
> GNU/kFreeBSD too.

The one from libusb.org does not work under FreeBSD.

> I wasn't directly involved in this episode.  We're providing both
> (libusb from libusb.org and libusb from FreeBSD) but I'm not sure why.
>  I suppose the one from FreeBSD has better support for kernel of
> FreeBSD?  Or perhaps because they're not API-compatible and
> applications could need either of them?
> > If applications are compiled from
> > source there is no problem, though I see some applications like
> > python-libusb that hardcode structure sizes.
> That sounds like a problem.  Could you be more specific?  (and put
> debian-bsd@lists.debian.org on CC)
> > Just leave the libusb2debian as-is then, and we'll have this in once the
> > 10-version is out.
> Ok, but if you changed ABI in 10-current, then please do bump the
> soname.  We have a huge amount of trouble every time an ABI bump is
> missed (this happened with libgeom a while ago).

Yes, this is done now.


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