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Re: svn commit: r234684 - head/lib/libusb

El 26 d’abril de 2012 23:55, Hans Petter Selasky <hselasky@c2i.net> ha escrit:
>> By linux libusb do you mean the one from http://www.libusb.org/ ?
>> AFAIK this one is a portable library, at least it builds on
>> GNU/kFreeBSD too.
> The one from libusb.org does not work under FreeBSD.

Can you be more specific about this?  We've got around 80 packages
that are linking with this library.  If it's really broken, we
probably need to change the build dependencies and rebuild every of

Are you sure it's completely useless?

>> Ok, but if you changed ABI in 10-current, then please do bump the
>> soname.  We have a huge amount of trouble every time an ABI bump is
>> missed (this happened with libgeom a while ago).
> Yes, this is done now.


Robert Millan

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