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Bug#670412: geli init script fails if /etc/default/geli is unconfigured

On 26/04/12 00:21, Steve Fouchet wrote:
> It can be bypass if you initialise $geli_devices with any value in
> /etc/default/geli.
> ex : geli_devices="da75"
> then geli start and booting process/ packages configuration can continue.

Thanks... that would work around this problem, yes.

The package needed fixing though, otherwise it breaks the
install/upgrade process, like for users who haven't created their geli
devices yet.  Or some users might want to install the geli tools but
don't want to initialise any devices at boot time.

I've committed a fix to SVN for the next upload of freebsd-utils which:

* exits the initscript with status 0 -- that fixes the error seen during
* shows this warning at startup, if no geli devices are configured:

[warn] Starting GELI subsystem: not configured; see /etc/default/geli

Steven Chamberlain

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