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Re: Bug#654783: race condition in libpthread causes hangs in python2.7 testsuite

On 19/04/12 20:54, Robert Millan wrote:
> CCing #575302
> El 19 d’abril de 2012 1:12, Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> ha escrit:
>> Also, perhaps related, I got through the (Python-powered) iceweasel
>> 10.0.3esr test suite for the first time, without hangs (see #575302).
>> Maybe this helped.
> That's really nice.  Petr, could you give some explanation on that
> one-line patch you provided?  Is it supposed to be the correct fix or
> is more work necessary?  I'm not familiar with the whole picture but
> if you give some pointers I may be able to help.

I only thought to test iceweasel because in #658704 you mentioned an
infinite poll() loop (but you didn't show the timing, which you would
get from kdump -T).

Maybe if __pthread_sig_cancel is missed somehow, Petr's diff works
around that by checking anyway for terminated child threads every couple
of seconds.  Just guessing.

Python 2.7.3~rc2 fixed something else, that could have been causing
iceweasel's test harness to hang (like waf in #668240) so that maybe
also helped here.

Steven Chamberlain

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