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Re: Bug#654783: about test_socket hang

El 18 d’abril de 2012 15:46, Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> ha escrit:
> With it, I hit a tst-timer5 regression during build.

Don't worry about tst-timer5, it's a fake regression.  Previously it
"succeeded" by exitting without testing anything.

> On 18/04/12 07:02, Petr Salinger wrote:
> -    if (terminated_children || main_thread_exiting) {
> +    if (1 || terminated_children || main_thread_exiting) {
> Then I see 100/100 passes of test_socket.  That used to hang always.
> There are still occasional hangs in test_threading (about 20% of the
> time) and also very rarely in test_signal (seen 1% of the time).

I did a few tries yesterday, in addition to the hangs you report I
also found that the testsuite itself is hanging.  For example if you
disable test_socket and test_threading in debian/rules, it's still
possible that the process running the testsuite hangs after all tests
have finished.

Robert Millan

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