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Re: Bug#654783: about test_socket hang

On 18/04/12 03:39, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Strange, the workaround hasn't really changed anything for me on
> kfreebsd-i386

Sorry that was wrong, I had dry-run the patch without actually applying
it :(

With it, I hit a tst-timer5 regression during build.

But if I keep the timeout at its default 2000ms and:

On 18/04/12 07:02, Petr Salinger wrote:
-    if (terminated_children || main_thread_exiting) {
+    if (1 || terminated_children || main_thread_exiting) {

Then I see 100/100 passes of test_socket.  That used to hang always.

There are still occasional hangs in test_threading (about 20% of the
time) and also very rarely in test_signal (seen 1% of the time).

And in the ruby1.9.1 test suite, test_io looks like it might be fixed by
this, but test_thread still hangs sometimes.

Steven Chamberlain

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