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Re: Bug#654783: race condition in libpthread causes hangs in python2.7 testsuite

CCing #663056

El 19 d’abril de 2012 1:12, Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> ha escrit:
> For now I still have Petr's change applied.  I notice that libsoup2.4's
> connection-test (see #663056) has stopped failing.  (Just had 100/100
> test passes, was previously seeing about 50% failures.)

Are you sure?  You mean you tried 100 times?

I don't know about connection-test, but context-test was a race
condition.  I'm also 100% sure Petr's change doesn't fix that (the
reason for connection-test failure is well-known).

After fixing context-test I got a connection-test pass, but I only
tried once (at that time I assumed it was the same issue as

Robert Millan

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