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Re: kfreebsd-8_8.3-1_kfreebsd-i386.changes REJECTED

On 09/04/12 22:24, Robert Millan wrote:
> It skipped MK_KERNEL_SYMBOLS because
> debian/patches/mk_kernel_symbols.diff was incomplete.

I just finished building this with latest mk_kernel_symbols.diff from
SVN (r4185), and the symbols still got installed in the binary package
(but only for xen flavour, as that is the only one built with "-g").

Are you now building with a newer version of that diff not committed to
SVN yet?

Otherwise, the patch I sent you really fixes this for me.

Even if MK_KERNEL_SYMBOLS works, it would be nice sometime to skip
generation of debug symbols at all during the build (of
kfreebsd-{8,9,10}) if they are not needed/used yet.

Steven Chamberlain

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