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Re: freebsd-libs transition

El 14 de febrer de 2012 20:53, Adam D. Barratt
<adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> ha escrit:
>> kfreebsd-*:
>> libsbuf-dev is needed for a build system component, which is not
>> installed in kfreebsd package.
> So there's no need to binNMU them?


>> libsdl1.2:
>> It was built without usb support because configure probe failed, most
>> likely due to breakage in kfreebsd-kernel-headers which isn't present
>> anymore.  With up-to-date sid configure probe succeeds but it FTBFS
>> later due to API change (filed as #659615).
> Fun...

There was a small code error; I sent a patch already.

> I've scheduled binNMUs for the first level of packages on the transition
> tracker (URL above).  Note that in the process I discovered that
> freebsd-libs no longer builds on Linux architectures, which will need to
> be resolved as part of the transition; see #659913.

As explained the culprit is freebsd-buildutils, not freebsd-libs. I
believe freebsd-buildutils 9.0-6 should now build on Linux-based
systems, but I still have no feedback from the buildds.  I'd
appreciate if someone can confirm, as I don't have a GNU/Linux system
at hand atm.

Robert Millan

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