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Bug#658677: [kfreebsd-image-9] Please enable pflog device by default

On 10/02/12 16:57, Robert Millan wrote:
> 2012/2/6, Dererk <dererk@debian.org>:
>> That was easy!  :-)
>> As you mention, removing the patch did work as expected and nicely! Thanks!
>> I'll let tcpdump guys know about this so we can, altogether when this
>> issue is solved, this quite relevant kbsd feature working in time for
>> wheezy.
> So what else is needed?  Is a kernel config option missing?
Hi Robert Millan!

Yes, it's just missing the activation of the pflog device option on the
network options list block.

In what respects to whether it works or not, I've been running an amd64
node for longer than 10 days now, with just this little change performed
over the stock kernel pkg and it appears to be pretty stable, no errors
have appeared so far and the functionality is working greatly. It
totally appears to be safe to enable it by default.



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