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Bug#658677: [kfreebsd-image-9] Please enable pflog device by default

On 06/02/12 05:04, Petr Salinger wrote:
>> Petr, since you're listed as patch author, do you know if this feature
>> worked in the past?
> tcpdump worked somehow, but I do not remember exactly,
> it is 4 years ago, see #448695.
> Probably, the <net/pfvar.h> used to need <net/if_pflog.h>.
> It is not needed any longer. It looks like the proper fix is just to
> discard 50_kfreebsd.diff (after quilt pop -a -f) from series.
> Dererk, please could you test such tcpdump with your custom kernel ?
> Cheers
>     Petr

Hi Petr!

That was easy!  :-)
As you mention, removing the patch did work as expected and nicely! Thanks!

I'll let tcpdump guys know about this so we can, altogether when this
issue is solved, this quite relevant kbsd feature working in time for

Thanks a _lot_!



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