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Re: [kfreebsd-image-9] Please enable pflog device by default

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On 05/02/12 02:23, Dererk wrote:
> As a side note, current archive's tcpdump version is unable to recognize
> the pseudo interface type[1][2], but using openbsd's provided tcpdump
> does read kbsd's captured dumps. If this patch is accepted, I'll try to
> see how possible it is for debian's tcpdump to adopt pflog
> pseudodevice-handling patch.
Hi once again!

FTR, further inspection shows that, in fact, there appears to be a patch
to address PFLOG pseudodevice present on tcpdump debian's pkg, but for
some reason its falling back on /missing/.
Judging from this[1][2], it leads me think that it's simple not being
applied configured/applied on building time.

Petr, since you're listed as patch author, do you know if this feature
worked in the past?




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