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Bug#651624: Booting from zfs root seems to not work 8.3 and 10.0 however work

2011/12/11 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> * I managed to install to a new ZFS root under kfreebsd 8.2, upgrade to
> kfreebsd 9 and still boot it;  so what did we do differently for
> Christoph to have this issue?

Hard to say.  It's probably just not reproducible every time, or
depends on factors that can't be easily controlled.

IMHO our best bet right now is try latest 9.0 snapshot, and if that's
still broken then try setting vfs.zfs.debug=1 and watch the output.

> * how did Christoph create his zpool and ZFS root filesystem?  because
> for me this seemed broken in recent d-i daily images, due to the wrong
> zfsutils being included;

Yes. It's badly broken right now (for many different reasons), I'm
surprised he could finish the install too.

However kernels should operate on best-effort basis.  If there's
enough information for other kfreebsd versions to boot, there should
be for 9.0 too.

Robert Millan

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