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Bug#651624: Booting from zfs root seems to not work 8.3 and 10.0 however work


On 11/12/11 12:03, Robert Millan wrote:
> Please don't add unrelated information to bug reports.  If you found a
> new bug, you can file it, or we can discuss it in the mailing list(s).

Okay sorry, some of that I ought to file separate bugs for, but
regarding this bug I was really trying to say:

* I managed to install to a new ZFS root under kfreebsd 8.2, upgrade to
kfreebsd 9 and still boot it;  so what did we do differently for
Christoph to have this issue?

* how did Christoph create his zpool and ZFS root filesystem?  because
for me this seemed broken in recent d-i daily images, due to the wrong
zfsutils being included;

* I'm curious, did Christoph actually boot with kfreebsd 8.2 before
installing kfreebsd 9?  or did he install kfreebsd 9 sometime during the
install and try to boot with that kernel first?

Steven Chamberlain

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