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Bug#644669: freebsd-utils: Consider importing iostat from upstream


On Sat, 2011-10-08 at 01:50:19 +0200, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> > > in order to avoid the conflict with "sysstat". However, the
> > > [...]
> > 
> > Could you explain this conflict in more detail?  Why can't iostat be
> > in /usr/bin?

> A priori the package "sysstat" installs the file "/usr/bin/iostat"
> at the most natural location for Debian. Observe, however, that FreeBSD
> locates its native executable in "/usr/sbin/iostat".

It could as long as the interface is the same (either that or a
wrapper would be needed).

> But on the other hand, the same package builds as "[!kfreebsd-any]"
> so there is supposedly no instanteous conflict.

Even if they are not installable on the same architecture, I think the
same concerns apply as any Conflicting package. Installing on a different
pathname would not be right either (see #562863).

> The alternative solution, worthy of consideration, would be
>    /usr/bin/iostat.bsd
>    /usr/share/man/man1/iostat.bsd.1.gz
> where the manual page has a new location in relation to FreeBSD,
> which prefers "iostat(8)". All opposition is welcome!

The man page could also be installed as iostat.1freebsd.gz or similar,
but I don't think iostat.bsd would be a good idea, it would mask the
conflict in a path arch specific way, which adds unportability to the
integration with other packages or sysadmins expectations.


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