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Bug#644669: freebsd-utils: Consider importing iostat from upstream

> > in order to avoid the conflict with "sysstat". However, the
> > [...]
> Could you explain this conflict in more detail?  Why can't iostat be
> in /usr/bin?

A priori the package "sysstat" installs the file "/usr/bin/iostat"
at the most natural location for Debian. Observe, however, that FreeBSD
locates its native executable in "/usr/sbin/iostat".

But on the other hand, the same package builds as "[!kfreebsd-any]"
so there is supposedly no instanteous conflict.

However, when (I am now attempting to code an addition to linprocfs)
we activate the compatibility entry "/proc/diskstats", a fair amount
of packages will make sense also for us, packages which at the moment
are judged as too Linux centric for architecture "kfreebsd-any".

The commendable BSD porters have -- before my time -- located some
alternate executables brought in from FreeBSD in either of "/lib/freebsd/"
and "/usr/lib/freebsd/", so my initial suggestion followed this route.

The alternative solution, worthy of consideration, would be


where the manual page has a new location in relation to FreeBSD,
which prefers "iostat(8)". All opposition is welcome!


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