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Re: Edit /boot/loader.conf

2011/10/5 David Watson <hiranwatson@gmail.com>:
> I just noticed that even after following Robert's directions below, when I
> go to edit the grub commands at the grub boot screen, the line "set
> kFreeBSD.kern.hz=100" does not seem to part of the commands. I have both
> kFreeBSD-8.2 and kFreeBSD-8.1 installed, giving me boot possibilities in
> grub (normal boot for each kernel + single-user mode boot for each kernel).
> And none of the boot commands for each boot possibility contain the kern.hz
> command. Why would this be so? How can I ensure that the kern.hz parameter
> is set and passed to the kernel upon boot?

I'm not sure.  Try editting grub.cfg by hand and moving this sentence
to the beginning. Maybe the order matters.

Robert Millan

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