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Bug#644353: Kernel 8.2-1 is not enable with IPSEC

2011/10/5 Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>:
>>   option IPSEC
>>   option IPSEC_NAT_T
>>   device crypto
>>   device enc
> Have to be the devices built-in or can they be built as a modules ?
> I would prefer to use modules, iff posible.

AFAIK everything that can be built as module already is.

Mats, if you want to build more things into kernel, the first question
that comes to mind is: why hasn't upstream built it in their GENERIC

FreeBSD project has a lot more people and more knowledge about those
options, I think the best is to talk to them first.  Maybe they don't
have a reason not to enable them and it's just an oversight (this
happened with quota support IIRC).

Robert Millan

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