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Re: GNU/kOpenBSD?


On Sun, 2011-02-13 at 20:58:58 +0100, folkert wrote:
> Has anyone considered GNU/kOpenBSD already?

AFAIR there were some people involved in a Debian GNU/OpenBSD port long
time ago, at the same time of the Debian GNU/NetBSD and GNU/FreeBSD
ports. I'm not sure anyone has considered a new port using (e)glibc

> Because OpenBSD has the extra plus for being very much secure and such.

Well AFAIUI part of that security comes from their userland, and their
default configuration, which we do not share. So in the end it might not
make much of a difference compared to the other BSDs.

In addition I'm not sure there's enough people interested to pull it
off right now. One of the reasons for dropping (or “temporarily”
staging) the GNU/kNetBSD port was precisely for this reason, and to be
able to focus our efforts into a single port so that its chances of
success could increase.

> Maybe an option can be added to the instller: install freebsd or openbsd
> kernel?

I don't think they are binary compatible?


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