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Re: ZFS support in GRUB

2011/2/13 Kilian Krause <kilian@debian.org>:
>> Latest GRUB (in upstream Bazaar, not sure if trunk or some branch)
>> supports multi-device ZFS however.
> Not even the one in unstable/experimental?

Not currently.

> Will that be packaged in the
> "near" future or will I have to make my own deb for now?

Hopefully.  But first it has to be merged in upstream trunk,
which will only happen after 1.99 is released.

Btw the branch you want is:

bzr co http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/grub/branches/zfs/

>> You can setup a single-disk zpool and convert it to zRAID1
>> afterwards (with "zpool attach").
> Sure so. I had already tried to do that but find GRUB falling apart once I
> do so with the default Squeeze version.

Ah, right.  This only works around the limitation in D-I, not GRUB.

>> >> - Gzip compression is not supported.  [...]
>> >
>> > Great! What's the current status of this?
>> It's supported now (in upstream).
> Yay! Cool! ;-)

(I mean, in ZFS branch)

Robert Millan

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