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Re: ZFS support in GRUB

2011/2/13 Kilian Krause <kilian@debian.org>:
>> - Multi-device arrays are not supported.  If they're RAID1 (mirror),
>>   we work around this by selecting the first member and using that for
>>   boot later.  For array types where more than one disk is needed, GRUB
>>   can't boot.  Using a separate /boot can resolve this, however.
> Excellent that you confirm it working. However running through the Squeeze
> d-i I find no option to select this. And trying to find some howto for
> making this work manually in a Debian/kFreeBSD I did find nothing but
> the according FreeBSD docs that would be using gpart (which is not available
> in Debian).

Neither the installer nor the GRUB that shipped with squeeze support
multi-device arrays.

Latest GRUB (in upstream Bazaar, not sure if trunk or some branch)
supports multi-device ZFS however.

> So how do you reckon the RAID1 configuration should be set up?

You can setup a single-disk zpool and convert it to zRAID1
afterwards (with "zpool attach").

>> - Gzip compression is not supported.  [...]
> Great! What's the current status of this?

It's supported now (in upstream).

Robert Millan

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