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Re: ZFS support in GRUB

Hi Robert,

> It's nice to see you guys are making progress about ZFS.  I figured a
> status report about ZFS support in GRUB would be useful to you.

Thanks for the heads up! Coming back to your post now that Squeeze has
officially been released with kFreeBSD and ZFS support with some more
questions. ;-)

> - Multi-device arrays are not supported.  If they're RAID1 (mirror),
>   we work around this by selecting the first member and using that for
>   boot later.  For array types where more than one disk is needed, GRUB
>   can't boot.  Using a separate /boot can resolve this, however.

Excellent that you confirm it working. However running through the Squeeze
d-i I find no option to select this. And trying to find some howto for
making this work manually in a Debian/kFreeBSD I did find nothing but
the according FreeBSD docs that would be using gpart (which is not available
in Debian).

So how do you reckon the RAID1 configuration should be set up?

> - Gzip compression is not supported.  It can probably be implemented
>   without much effort, given that GRUB already has gzip code (for a
>   different purpose, so the API isn't generic enough, but this can be
>   fixed).  Note that the default in ZFS is no compression, and when
>   compression is enabled the default is LZJB, so this is not a big
>   problem.  Also note that in case you enable gzip compression, a
>   separate /boot is not necessary to work around missing support in
>   GRUB.  Simply create new ZFS filesystems for /boot and /lib/modules
>   inside the same zpool, and adjust compression settings accordingly.

Great! What's the current status of this?

Thanks again for your support and for any helping hints! ;-)


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