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Re: Announcing Hotplug

2011/2/10 Gavin Atkinson <gavin@freebsd.org>:
> It depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve.
> You can use devd(8) to load a kernel module when a new device appears on
> the USB bus, or  as an example see the entry in /etc/devd.conf for the
> Entrega Serial DB25 adapter, which will load a kernel module (if not
> already loaded) and then upload the firmware to the device.

That's interesting. Does it support PCI?

The actual effort in hotplug is not in the code, but in
inspecting kFreeBSD source and determining the
driver / id correlation.  Perhaps we could convert hotplug's
pci-id file to devd.conf format and use devd for the
same purpose?

Robert Millan

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