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Bug#605777: status of backspace key deletes forwards on the kFreeBSD console

On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 10:15 +0100, Petr Salinger wrote:
> The plain FreeBSD kernel generates different sequences
> for Backspace and Delete keys compared to Linux (and required by Policy).
> Generated sequences can be altered by kbdcontrol (from freebsd-utils 
> source package) and the default sequences are of course in kernel 
> (kfreebsd-8 source package).
> I together with Aurelien prepared patches for changing them into same 
> sequences as on Linux, both uploaded.
> Unfortunately, it have been shown, that it does not suffice.

Thanks for the summary.

> 1) plain cons25 variant: current sysvinit, ncurses 5.7+20100313-4 or 5.7+20100313-5
>     and kfreebsd-8 8.1+dfsg-6 (or 8.1+dfsg-7.1), freebsd-utils 8.1-2
> 2) cons25-debian variant: needs patched sysvinit, ncurses 5.7+20100313-5,
>     and kfreebsd-8 8.1+dfsg-7, freebsd-utils 8.1-3
> 3) mixture of both above
>     current sysvinit, ncurses 5.7+20100313-5, kfreebsd-8 8.1+dfsg-6 (or 8.1+dfsg-7.1)
>     patched freebsd-utils
>     As a default use the plain cons25 variant. Additionaly provide
>     cons25-debian entry in ncurses and special debian keymap in
>     freebsd-utils. By default it will work as variant 1, but there is a
>     possibility to set TERM to cons25-debian and set keymap which would
>     generate the correct sequences for cons25-debian.
> 4) backport TEKEN_XTERM from FreeBSD 9.x
>     needs patched sysvinit, patched kfreebsd-8, patched freebsd-utils
> My personal order of preferences in deep freeze is 3, 1, 4, 2.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, option 3 is roughly "doesn't
conform to Policy but can be made to without significant effort" and a
sysvinit update would be necessary in order to make the default Policy
compliant?  If so, how large is the change required to sysvinit?

> All are better compared to current status.
> Long term solution is 4.
> I asked Robert to upload kfreebsd-8 8.1+dfsg-7.1 to implement option 1.
> Unfortunately freebsd-utils 8.1-3 migrated into testing, despite
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2010/12/msg00128.html

Unfortunately it got re-unblocked by someone else and I didn't notice
until it was too late.

> > If they are going to revert the changes in freebsd-utils as well (which
> > is one of the proposed solutions), there is little point in unblocking
> > ncurses at all.
> No, the unblocking of ncurses allows us to implement option 3.
> The problem exists only on local text console, the delete/backspace keys 
> work correctly when logged on local X console or remotely.
> The quickest solution is to disable 032_delete_key.diff in freebsd-utils
> and unblock it and unblock kfreebsd-8 8.1+dfsg-7.1 aka option 1.

freebsd-utils has also been re-uploaded (as 8.1-3.1) to revert the
change made there; am I correct that unblocking kfreebsd-8,
freebsd-utils and ncurses would give us option 1 on your list and that
basically puts us back where we were to start with?  If so, what other
changes would be required (and how large would be they be) to allow us
to implement option 3?



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