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Re: Sound card support in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD kernel?

On Sunday 17 October 2010 14:04:50 Robert Millan wrote:
> 2010/10/17, Michael Dorrington <michael.dorrington@gmail.com>:
> > It appears so. Is this the way FreeBSD likes it?
> Probably not, but they don't have a daemon like hotplug/udev AFAIK.

There is devd for hotplugging and udev-like stuff.

For auto-detecting sound the recommended way is loading snd_driver which 
loads *all* sound drivers. After that you can cat /dev/sndstat which 
will tell you which driver has attached and tell your loader to load 
that on a regular basis.

It should be fairly easy to automate that on Debian.


> > Could the plumbing
> > layer surrounding linux be used to detect the need to load a
> > module(s) and load it/them?
> It'd probably be easier to write a new one from scratch.  It's very
> simple really:
>   - Write a script that extracts a relation of PCI id with associated
> driver from kernel source.
>   - Write a small program or script that iterates through PCI devices
>     (using libpci in C or lspci in bash), checks each instance
> against the PCI id relation, and loads corresponding module.
> When it comes to dynamically pluggable devices (e.g. USB) things
> aren't so simple as you need to find/implement some kernel facility
> to handle plug/unplug events, but PCI alone would already make lots
> of users happy.
> > Would people want that?
> Would be very useful IMO.  Also, a hotplug mechanism would allow
> more modules to be moved out of the kernel than just soundcards.

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