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Re: Sound card support in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD kernel?

2010/10/17, Michael Dorrington <michael.dorrington@gmail.com>:
> It appears so. Is this the way FreeBSD likes it?

Probably not, but they don't have a daemon like hotplug/udev AFAIK.

> Could the plumbing
> layer surrounding linux be used to detect the need to load a module(s)
> and load it/them?

It'd probably be easier to write a new one from scratch.  It's very simple

  - Write a script that extracts a relation of PCI id with associated driver
    from kernel source.
  - Write a small program or script that iterates through PCI devices
    (using libpci in C or lspci in bash), checks each instance against the
    PCI id relation, and loads corresponding module.

When it comes to dynamically pluggable devices (e.g. USB) things
aren't so simple as you need to find/implement some kernel facility to
handle plug/unplug events, but PCI alone would already make lots of
users happy.

> Would people want that?

Would be very useful IMO.  Also, a hotplug mechanism would allow
more modules to be moved out of the kernel than just soundcards.

Robert Millan

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